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Security Specialist is responsible for providing operational support and technical guidelines in securing the company assets. To check overall security of warehouse from hazard or danger, secure that all scooters are within the operation area and nothing is lost. This position requires a fast response to a sudden uncertainty arise.

Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Warehouse inspection ensuring full security from any external and internal hazard.
  • Maintain full security in warehouse, act fast when uncertain things happen, report any security concern immediately to top management.
  • Master KIWIride mobile application and KIWI staff mobile application as a primary tools in checking the asset (scooter) activities.
  • Respond quickly in case a scooter is running away within the area of operations.
  • Communicate to the right people should a need of investigation arise in case scooter was stolen, damaged by someone.
  • Knowledgeable and with experience in solving issues pertaining to security.
  • Knows the governing law in the area.
  • Support delivery and collection of scooter as needed.
  • Act as a support for checking the scooter ensuring scooters to be deployed are safe to use.
  • Coordinate to Fleet Controller for proper logging in and out of scooters in warehouse.
  • Coordinate to the team and always update Operations Manager about the work status.

Our preferred candidate will have:

  • College degree related to  Security, Criminal Justice and or Certification about Security Management
  • Comprehensive knowledge of security and crime prevention principles, best practices and related laws and policies required
  • Demonstrate ability to advise internal and external customers on matters of safety and security required.
  • Computer Skills in MS office.
  • Data collection, analysis, interpretation and recommendation for continuous improvement
  • A person who has focus and pay close attention to details who sees the very detailed picture as well as the grand scheme in solving technical issues.
  • Strong interpersonal skills when dealing with customers and people in general.
  • Strong communication skills both written and oral as various type of people might be encountered at the field work.
  • Ability to work independently or with others harmoniously.
  • Driver’s license is a must (can drive both manual and automatic vehicle).

(as written in local ID or passport)

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